He grants the desires of those who fear him; He hears their cries for help and rescues them.

Psalm 145:19

In 1939, the Soviet Union and Germany came together and signed a treaty of Non-Aggression. This was before the Second World War. The said treaty pledged both nations to remain neutral in the event that either nation was attacked by a third party. However, whatever there was to the treaty was shattered on June 22, 1941, when Hitler spurned the agreement and ordered the invasion of the Soviet Union.

Hitler lacked the integrity to keep his end of the covenant with the Russians, but his demonstration of bad faith is not peculiar.  A treaty is only as strong as the willingness of all the parties involved to adhere to it.

Agreements break down regularly around us. Marriage covenants collapse because one or both parties lose faith in the integrity or capacity of their partners to deliver the goods promised. Business contracts are no exception. The courts are daily inundated with cases that require reconciliation of the interests of disagreeing parties. And this should come with little surprise. Man, by nature, is limited in his capacity to deliver on his word. This is to say that man is a victim of his uncertainties, subject to the elements that are out of his control. His motives are constantly shifting, influenced by factors in his environment.

However, the reverse is the case with God. He is our Covenant Partner who does not change and cannot fail. Like it is commonly said, “He is the Promise Keeper.” Consider the Christian experience, for example. The foundation of our conviction, which is the death and resurrection of Jesus, was hinged upon a promise. Long before Christ came, God had sent His Word. And even though the prophecy appeared stretched with time, it still came through.

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In fact, all of scripture is dotted with people whose lives attest to the faithfulness of God—men and women like you and me, who trusted God radically and watched Him fulfil his plans for them and grant the desires of their hearts. This has been the testimony of the psalmist. Our fathers of old have tasted and seen that God is faithful. His integrity has not been corrupted. Wherever He sends His Word, it goes. And what He sends it to accomplish, it fulfils. All the promises He has made in the covenant are ‘Yes’ and ‘Amen’.

The problem is that we sometimes appraise God based on our human standards. This is why we grumble and complain when the answers to our prayers seem slow. In a period of pressing issues such as the current economic situation or the harrowing terrorist concerns, it is easy to fall into the pattern of second-guessing God. Yet, we must not forget that faith is the currency with which we purchase the promises of God.

Our opening scripture is a template of what we should expect. Indeed, God is eager to grant our desires. He is waiting to fulfil the expectations of your heart. The question is: do you have any?

Remember, where man fails, God does not. Where man changes his mind, God stays true. If there is one person you want to trust with your life goals and desires, let it be the God who has never failed. He will come through for you in an unusual way. I am quite certain this is the period you have been waiting for. The heavens are open over you and the blessings are pouring unrestrained. You are in for a testimony. Expect fulfilment in all your endeavours in Jesus’ name.

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The question is: do you have a personal relationship with this Jesus? If you do not, you can start one right away.