The Senior Pastor of The Fountain of Life Church, Pastor Taiwo Odukoya, has said that Jesus’ comment on the cross — it is finished — means to bring into perfection.

He stated this during his Easter Sunday message of April 18, 2022, during which he took his Bible text from Luke 23:32-46 and John 19:25-30.

Pastor Taiwo noted that Jesus uttered seven statements on the cross before He gave up the ghost — one of them was the title of his message- “It Is Finished.”

According to the clergyman, there was nothing anyone else could add to what He, Jesus, had done.

“Genesis 2:1-2 is an example of God finishing whatever He starts. He only rested after He had finished His work of creation,” he said.

The Fountain of Life Church helmsman also noted, from John 4:34 and John 17:4, that Jesus looked to finishing His life work on earth as a Man.

“He was finishing conscious. He desired to ensure He finished that which He came for,” he explained.

Also, as recorded in the Book of Revelation 22:13, Jesus describes Himself as the one who starts and finishes.

He explained that when Jesus said, “It is finished,” He was speaking about the price for man’s redemption which has been paid in full; that He has satisfied the wrath of God, removing enmity between man and God, thereby making man one with God.

With this, He ended the devil’s stronghold on man, setting humanity free forever.

The cleric also noted that everything that Jesus came to do is to model the kingdom life and restore us to that life.

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“Everyone’s life is an assignment. As Jesus finished His assignment, we will all finish our assignment,” he declared.

He, however, noted that the only way anyone could be sure of their life’s assignment and ensure they finish well is by following the right leader.

“Where you pitch your camp is where you will land. So, to ensure you finish well, follow the leader, Jesus Christ. You will find your purpose, and you will finish well,” he said.

Before Pastor Taiwo’s sermon, Pastor Bimbo Abiona shared the Promise for the Week which was taken from Acts 4:33.

While speaking on this, she highlighted the conditional angle of the passage. She explained that because the Early Church walked in one accord, they were able to do exploits through Christ.

Pastor Abiona added that believers are recipients of grace and that outside Christ, there is no grace. According to her, there are different religions, but Christianity is the only one whose God came in human form, died, and rose again.

This, she said, is the ultimate difference. “Christ makes the difference. When we are in Christ, we enjoy the blessings of God and His salvation,” she said.