Pastor Taiwo at the November 10 Sunday services said that the Word of God is powerful enough to turn any situation in believers’ lives around. He, however, noted that the Word must mix with faith and be declared boldly in order to produce the desirable results and fruits in all areas of their lives. “You become free and are victorious through the Word of God. You enter divine rest when you believe in and confess the Word,” he said.

Speaking from Mark 44:1-37, he explained that being anointed through the laying on of hands is not enough to become a mature Christian; it takes dwelling regularly on God’s Word. He emphasized that God’s intention is for the revelation of His Word in believers’ lives to produce fruits to the extent that it benefits their neighbours, community, nation and the world at large, noting that the Word of God always produces fruits.

Pastor Taiwo then encouraged them from John 14:10 to always use the Word to define their lives and situations. “God’s words carry the power of life and death and have divine authority for immediate performance and manifestation because they are directly from God. So always speak life to your situations in the name of Jesus,” he enjoined.