God is a God of justice and strategy. He knows when things should happen to you. That is why He decided you would be born when you were born. He waits so that you will not feel miserable. While you are still waiting for His promise, you need to learn to trust, believe and praise Him. These were the words of Pastor Nomthi to the congregation at the November 10 Sunday service while admonishing them from Isaiah 30:18, which is the promise for the week.

She noted that, as human beings, our hastiness would not allow us to see the effects of our decisions even if they look or sound good, but waiting on God always yields the best result because He knows the end from the beginning and would not do things that would expose us to danger. “God is making you to wait because there may be a danger He is keeping you from,” she stated.

Pastor Nomthi, therefore, admonished all to praise God while waiting on Him and not wait in idleness. “Praise is a preparation for breakthrough. So, you need to start to praise Him now because you trust Him and know that He is a God of justice and good judgment. He knows how to judge rightly,” she said.