A couple of Thursday Showers ago, I picked a promise from Job 10:12 which says that, “You have granted me life and favour and Your care has preserved my spirit.” The moment I read that promise, my spirit latched on to that word and I kept meditating on it. I wrote it on my office desk and even during our family prayer time, I shared that same verse because it kept coming back to my spirit. I didn’t know that God was going to do something miraculous in my life.

Two weeks down the line, on a Sunday night, I was driving from Victoria Island to Surulere, when out of nowhere, I saw this trailer. I can’t tell if it had been there or not because it looked like a mirage to me. Suddenly, I swerved to avoid it and from that point, I lost control of the car. The next thing I knew, I was facing the railings to go off the bridge and I began to struggle with the steering wheel. It seemed as if something was struggling with me over control of the vehicle, but I managed to pull it back. Immediately I swerved it back, it accelerated with force and I went back to the lane where I had avoided that trailer and was going right in front of it but as the car swerved, it went against the divider between the two sides of the bridges; hit it with so much force, went up into the air and came crashing upside down.

All I saw was shattering glass, then blinding light as the car began to glide back on its roof towards the trailer I had been trying to avoid. I saw the lights of the trailer coming towards me and there was nothing I could do to avoid it. That was the last thing I remembered. The next thing I was conscious of was that the car had stopped and I couldn’t see the trailer again.

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I managed to loosen the seat belt and stand upright in the car and I kept trying to open the other side of the door which was above me, but it wasn’t opening. Several cars passed by before one finally slowed to a stop. I heard them saying to themselves that it was an accident and somebody was still inside the car. I saw about six guys come down from the car and started running towards me.

It was about 11pm by then and it was a dark rainy night so there should have been no possible help, but they came and asked if I was okay; I told them yes and they asked me to hold the door. So, they helped me and I was able to come out of the car and we pushed the back upright. Those guys, who I call angels, took me down to Costain where we parked the car and then took me to the front of my house. But the big miracle is that I had not a single scratch on my body. Immediately, the scripture that says that the Lord would preserve my bones and none of them shall be broken, came to me.

I want to thank the Lord because in the last nine years, I have had three serious accidents and nothing bad has happened to me. What the enemy meant for evil, God turned it into a testimony. I bless the name of the LORD!

Bro Rotimi Oyefelutu