I bless the name of the Lord for what He has done for me and my family. It is about my son, Oluwagbemiga. He is a year old today, and this made me look back and think of what the Lord has done for me.

When I conceived, it was all good till the seventh month. Then suddenly, I was at work on a Tuesday and I got a call from a pastor friend and he said I had to get closer to God that he saw something about me and it was negative and it had to do with me and the baby. He said it might end up in death. That got me scared and that day, I lost focus at work. When I got home, I told my husband, and he said “it is well”, but I still lost my peace. However, I decided to come for Showers, which was two days ahead.

I came for Showers and sat outside, eager to pick a word since I was certain that God had something to say about it. I picked a word in Isaiah 46 which said “Have I not said it? Will I not complete it?” Immediately, I just felt peace and I told myself that “it is settled”.

In the eight month, we had a fire incident in our house, but our neighbours came in to help put out the fire. I was laughing at the devil. Then in the last month, the D-day, I was to use LUTH because my husband works there. LUTH was closed and we moved to a nearby clinic and there was no doctor on duty. I was left with the midwives and it was a funny situation, they were just playing with me. I was dilating at 8cm, they told me to start pushing and I saw blood, and was just ‘manifesting’ all over the place.

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Eventually, my husband called a colleague of his and he came. I was wheeled to the theatre and I looked at my husband and I could see fear all over him. He also looked at me and told me that I would come out alive, I said “Amen”.

On getting to the theatre, not up to two minutes, I had a vision. I saw myself in the clouds and was flying up with somebody holding my hands. I looked at the person and asked who would take care of my daughter Pelumi, the man did not say anything and we kept flying in the clouds.

Suddenly, the man looked at me and said, “it is time to go back” and he just pulled me. By the time I jerked back to life in the theatre, they were shouting my name, trying to resuscitate me. When I opened my eyes, I said: “thank you Jesus”. I give God all the glory for victory over death.