Continuing the series on “Recovering All,” Pastor Taiwo reiterated the significance  of ‘the anointing’ in the scheme of things for the child of God.

Taking off with scripture from Isaiah 10 and 11, he shared the story of how God used the Assyrians to chastise the kingdom of Samaria to bring them back to Him, referring to Assyria as the “rod.”

He said this in his sermon on Sunday 1st March 2020, restating that God actually controls everything, and will always honor the anointing (the covenant) he has made with His own.

According to him, nothing aside the pursuit of God will endure as everything is subject to decay or decline; be it beauty, fame, power, wealth, they will all fade away.

“Everything is subject to decay, it peaks, then declines. Don’t let anything in this life become your God. Everything will finish but not the spirit of God,” the preacher said.

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Pastor Taiwo said the devil knows this and thus orchestrates situations to trap and bring you down, He did that to Jesus, he is full of ” “mischief…”

He, however, said: “God’s answer to the mischief of the devil is the Holy Spirit which only Jesus can give!”

Using many scriptural references like Psalm 89:20, 92:11, Ephesians 1:3, 2:13, 2 Cor 2:13 and Col 2: 10, he reminded Christians that the Holy Spirit is the anointing that they have.

Furthermore, he said it is the anointing that breaks the yoke and until Christians come to the understanding of the anointing and live by it, the devil will always try to take advantage of them.

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