Pastor Taiwo Odukoya has once again encouraged believers not to give up on the hope of having a better and glorious future or the fulfilment of God’s promise over their lives.

He noted that God’s grace which strengthens one to achieve purpose resides in them, according to his message at the
May 14  Thursday Showers service.

Speaking from 2 Corinthians 12:7-9, Pastor Taiwo noted that God’s grace will always be sufficient for any believer who can have a positive mind towards God’s words and allow it to impact his or her thoughts positively.

“Once your thought changes, the situation will definitely change,” he said.

He further noted that many believers get weary of God’s promise when they don’t seem to get physical manifestations to their prayer requests thereby forgetting His grace and strength at work in them. This, he said, is a ploy from the devil to distract them.

Collaborative Life

According to him, “Your life is in collaboration with God. So, those challenges are not strong enough to truncate your life. God’s strength will afford you the opportunity to display your strength and you will come out of those

He also said that the seeming delay in God’s answers to believers’ prayers are so that they don’t slide into pride, thereby thinking their praying efforts brought them the victory.

Pastor Taiwo urged them not to doubt God irrespective of how He choses to answer their prayers, noting that He is God who has the best for His own.

“God will always answer your prayer howbeit not the way you expect it,” he said. “Whatever you’re going through is not strong to kill you. So don’t give up. God will strengthen and position you to be able to withstand the opposition of the enemy.”

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