In commemoration of Mother’s Day, Pastor Nomthi during her message at the May 10 Sunday service said that motherhood can’t be isolated from family, adding that it is a huge responsibility which determines the future of the children.

She also noted that parents’ attitudes can affect the children either positively or negatively.

Using the account of the two mothers who came to King Solomon for judgement on the ownership of the living child recorded in 1Kings 3:16-28 as an illustration, she noted that in as much as there are many issues and societal vices that can traumatise women, they should not be intimidated by the threats of the devil or any situation but to stand boldly and claim their promises from God.

“You are the mother of your promise and you must claim your baby. Don’t feel guilty; state your case before the King and you will receive your blessings,” she said.

She, therefore, urged women not to be ignorant of the devil’s devices in making them lose focus of their responsibilities because of challenges thereby making them to lose their reward but to turn to Jesus who can strengthen them to focus and thereby fulfil their purposes in life.

She said, “Your seeming challenge would cause Gods name to be known in all the earth. Your struggle right now is your testimony tomorrow. Your purpose will not die and you will fulfil whatever God has promised you, in Jesus’ name.”

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