Hello Honourable,

Hope you are enjoying God’s unflinching mercy. Our Bible Study was great and here is the summary of the teaching for you.


God alone is the source of all spiritual gifts. There will be abuses is abuses when the source of the gifts is no longer God (1 Corinthians 12:4).

The gifts are for the building of the body as a whole, when we remember that gifts of the spirits are for the body of Christ as a whole then it’s easier to remain humble, no one can attain the gifts by any efforts of their own but we can only desire the gifts. We must know that the gifts are for the enhancement of our walk and journey with God.

Anything God does is always subject to abuse by the enemy so when you desire the gifts your motive is important, it has to be only for the edification of the body and people of God. It is important to appreciate and understand that we all have something to give and that no gift is small, everything God has deposited we will give account for.

There is no competition as far as the gifts are concerned; everyone should be secure in themselves and in the gifts that they have. Remember that the spirit gives the gifts as He wills.

Love is the fabric that runs through the kingdom and anything done out of love is not of the kingdom. We must pursue love even as we desire the gifts of the spirit. Where there is love, there is no competition, there is a consideration of one another.

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Everything must be done in accordance with the word of God; the word of God is the standard and all the gifts must find their basis in the word.

We also must remember the giver of the gifts and everything we do must be done in reverence to God and as long as we remember this we would always be humble.