Having declared July as The Fountain of Life Church’s month of God’s Unflinching Mercy, Pastor Taiwo at the July 2 webinar Anointing Service told participants that God’s mercy is what speaks for His own during a hopeless and challenging time.

According to him, God’s mercy is not obtained by human strength or ability but God’s nature towards human kinds and especially His own.

In his words, “You are who you are today by God’s Mercy. You cannot exist without the Mercy of God. If MERCY doesn’t introduce you, GRACE cannot find you. It is not so much about your desire or effort but His mercy. Except God visits your life, then you go nowhere.”

Speaking from Lamentations 3: 19-23, 2 Chronicles 36, Hebrews 15:16, Pastor Taiwo noted that God’s Mercy is one attribute of God that is usually talked about in the Bible. This, he said, is the reason we’re not consumed.

“It takes only the living to even complain or grumble but it is because of God’s Mercy that you are still alive,” he said.

Using Prophet Jeremiah as an illustration, Pastor said that believers need to know that the strength of men cannot help, save or deliver them; stating that trusting in God is the only thing to do in times of despondency as this brings peace and provides solutions.

“In the face of hopelessness and adversity, what you need to do is trust in God,” he said.

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Pastor Taiwo further noted during the powerful service, using the example of David, that God’s mercy will not only bring His children to their destination, but it will also sustain them.

“God’s Mercy kicks off when a man fails and His Mercy will prevail in every area of your life that human effort has failed,” he noted.

He then urged them never to give up on God because He is ever caring and will help them no matter their situations.

“God is a caring and loving father. His Mercy abounds to His covenant children. You are a covenant child of God, so His MERCY is for you. Rise up and live,” he urged.