Using the Israelites’ experience with the wall of Jericho as an illustration, Pastor Taiwo Odukoya told the congregation at the December 6 Sunday service that there would be challenges that typify walls against God’s covenant children but those walls would always disappear no matter how insurmountable the walls may seem just as the wall of Jericho sunk.

“The wall of Jericho is a metaphor vis-à-vis the situation faced by believers today. It’s either God gets defeated in your situation or your situation gets obliterated before God,” he said.

Speaking from Joshua 6:1-21, Pastor Taiwo explained that Satan is a master strategist when it comes to building walls, noting that he built the wall of sin which set a wedge between God and man.

However, Jesus came to destroy that wall through His death and resurrection and to give us access to the Father.

“Whatever is constituting a wall in your life, Jesus has died and resurrected and that wall can’t keep you trapped or locked out anymore. God has given you the victory. The Blood of Jesus has torn down every wall,” he declared.

He however noted that believers also need to imbibe the strategies of obeying God’s words; having His presence with them; staying focused, not relenting, and singing praises and worship to God in order to be able to pull down the walls confronting them and take possession of their promised land.

“Saying, listening, or entertaining any words other than God’s word will distract you from your purpose in life. Say nothing from now till the end of the year, except what God has said. Only sing, for God, has given you the city,” he declared.

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He then urged them to be conscious of the freedom the blood of Christ has given them and confront any wall before them. 

According to him, “Walls are built to protect oneself from hurt, disappointments, low self-esteem, strife or even bitterness. But as believers, we have been set free from these walls because He who the Son has set free is free indeed.”

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