Pastor Tayo Bayo-Kujore of The Fountain of Life Church, Lagos, has insisted that the last two years have been unusual; characterized by loss of businesses and lives, adding that these made many people doubt Christianity as a religion they profess.

Despite the above position, the cleric expressed optimism that 2022 remains a peculiar and pregnant year with many benefits.

The preacher equally described the year as one of healing and restoration for God’s children.

Speaking during the January 3 Thursday Showers, Pastor Tayo Bayo-Kujore, who took his Bible reference from 2 Corinthians 3:18, Luke 7:11-15, Luke 13:10-13, and Isaiah 61:7, enjoined the congregants to lay the foundation of this year with the theme scripture for the year and build on it with other scriptures.

The clergyman outlined three things that God has to offer His children in 2022. He listed them as restoration (Josh 4:22-24), divine help, and answers (Isaiah 62:1-4). Pastor Tayo stated, “This year will stand as a memorial for generations to come, and it is a year of restoration for God’s children. Even if it meant suspending the natural order in our favour, God would prove Himself.

“Expect help from unusual quarters this year. Help only comes from God, and because He would not share His glory with any man, stay focused on Him for help this year. God will answer His children this year as they call on Him.”

The man of God further told his listeners that answers to their prayers this year would not be dependent on their connections, heritage or credentials, but on God speaking on their behalf as promised in Isaiah 62:1-4.

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In navigating the year 2022, having laid the proper foundation on the Word of God, the cleric noted that God’s children must add to it prayer, praise and faith, assuring them that God is the God of all flesh and there is nothing too difficult for Him to do.

“The God of the heavens and the earth will do whatever He promises, but we need to trust Him completely and have absolute faith in Him irrespective of how long it takes for our requests to be delivered,” he added.

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