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Pastor Taiwo Odukoya

Reported by Becky Olorunpomi

It is no news that 2020 has been an interesting year but despite the different events that have accompanied the year, it is evident that God has been faithful to His own. It is therefore not a surprise that December has been tagged the Month of New Song for members of The Fountain of Life Church. This is why members massively joined the December anointing service which is the last for the year to express a heart of gratitude to God for His faithfulness, protection, loving-kindness and guidance throughout the year.

In his message, Pastor Taiwo Odukoya said that a new song doesn’t just come to one’s mouth except for a special reason. According to him, when the miraculous or deliverance happens in the lives of God’s children, they sing a new song. 

Speaking from Psalm 40:1-4, Pastor further noted that a believer’s life is a perpetual life of victory and triumph irrespective of the warfare. “Regardless of what has been happening from January till now, December is a month of new song for you. God has put a new song in your mouth and it is for that song to be sung,” he said.

The senior Pastor insisted that God’s children are expected to sing the new song God has put in their mouth all day, noting that the essence of singing the new song is a sign that such a believer has put his or her trust in God, His power and ability to save. This, he noted, depicts a life of peace in spite of the world’s trouble. In his words, “You have every reason to thank God and much more, to thank Him for the remaining days of the year and for years ahead. When you have a relationship with God that guarantees Him hearing you and coming to your aid, saving and blessing you, why won’t you sing a new song?”

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Another reason believers needs to always sing a new song to God, according to Pastor Taiwo, is so that the world as well as those who need hope would be attracted to them and receive hope. “That’s why the bible urges us to sing. So, let the new song sound aloud,” he stated.

He therefore urged them to never stop singing to God, not the old song of fear or defeat but a new song of victory and praise to God. “God is a wonderful God and He cannot be defined by your circumstance or whatever happens in the world. He is sovereign. If he could walk on the waters, no miry clay can hold him down. So, no miry clay can also hold you down,” he urged.