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Pastor Tayo Kujore

On Sunday, August 22, 2021, Fountaineers were reminded that prayer plays a vital role in a believer’s life and remains a form of communication with God and a channel for receiving feedback from Him.

Pastor Tayo Kujore, who delivered the Word at the second service, also stated that “Prayer is two-way communication. Without it, our survival as Christians is not guaranteed. Our prayer life cannot be limited to a specific time. It can always be because praying comes with a price. As long as we create time for prayer, heaven creates time for our needs. A prayerless Christian is a prey for the devil.”

He referred to how Jesus raised Lazarus from the dead as recorded in John 11:38-44 while speaking during the second service and shared three lessons of prayer, faith and trust with the members in attendance.

According to Pastor Tayo, Faith is the capacity to absorb the Word irrespective of time. Therefore, nothing that genuinely comes to God’s altar goes unnoticed. The clergy insisted that faith must be engaged for it to work, adding that, “You can’t believe God for a breakthrough and be sitting in your house doing nothing.

“This is how a lot of people have confused Faith to being lazy. On the contrary, the application of wisdom with your Faith is what gives you a breakthrough. But, first, you will be tried and tested before you are promoted.”

In his teaching on Power and Trust and how it can influence believers’ lives, Pastor Tayo Kujore stated that life is like water poured upon the ground, which anyone who wants to walk on such ground must be careful not to get stained.

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“We must be careful how we trust people. Faith believes, trust is an assurance. The Christian without proper attitude is a shame in the Kingdom of God.” he said.

Other biblical quotes from Pastor Tayo Kujore include; Luke 11:1-4, Jeremiah 33:3, 1Kings 19:9-13; Daniel 1:6, John 11:24; Daniel 3:16-18 and Luke 7:11-15.