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Pastor Taiwo Odukoya

The Senior Pastor of the Fountain of Life Church, Pastor Taiwo Odukoya at the December 10 Thursday Showers, spoke on the return benefits of being a covenant child of God. According to him, being a covenant child of God, dedicated and faithful to His course, guarantees unstoppable supplies.

Speaking from Genesis 26:2-12 and John 15:1-5, Pastor Taiwo said that every promise of the covenant always come through for God’s children irrespective of their current circumstances.

He used the case of Isaac, who obeyed God’s instruction of not leaving the land but to stay there and he reaped a hundred folds of blessings, the Senior Pastor noted that when God gives an instruction, it is to bless His children. “When God prepares you for service, it is because he want to promote you.”

Talking about our heritage in Christ, he said, “Your heritage is to bear fruits. No matter the condition, even in your old age, you will bear fruits. As long as you are in Christ, by grace through faith, you are qualified to bear fruit.”

He rounded off on the Kingdom principle of faith and knowledge by saying that everything in the Kingdom is by faith and as believers live in Him, fruitfulness will sprout in them. “If you separate yourself from God, you will become powerless and discarded,” he said.