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Pastor Taiwo Odukoya

While building on his message on Covenant Fruitfulness which he started at the previous Thursday Showers, Pastor Taiwo at the December 13 Sunday service told the congregation that the covenant God entered with Abraham still stands today for every believer.

Speaking from Genesis 26:1-5, Pastor explained that it is normal for humans to have fear whenever there is economic crisis just like Isaac too was afraid and wanted to leave to another country until God intervened and instructed him not to leave but to stay in the land He had put him.

In his words, “What is most important for you as a covenant child of God who is operating within the covenant is to know who you are. God made sure Isaac remained in the covenant space because it guaranteed God’s presence.”

Pastor noted that the most fundamental of the principles of the kingdom is sowing and harvest. This can be seen in Isaac’s display of obedience in staying and investing in the land even when it didn’t make sense.

“As a covenant child of God, when you stay in the place of your assignment, nobody can be mightier than you. What God did with Isaac, He is still doing with His covenant children today; guiding and keeping them within the space of the covenant,” he said.

Giving illustrations from Galatians 2:20 and Colossians 2:4-8, Pastor noted that believers have a more powerful covenant with God through a life infusion in Christ.

He, therefore, urged them from John 15:1-7 to remain within the covenant space in order to yield fruits. “By allowing Christ live through you, you will bear fruits- fruits of the Spirit and manifestation of His power,” he urged.

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