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Pastor Taiwo Odukoya

Speaking from II Kings 7:1-15 and II Kings 6: 24-33, Pastor Taiwo Odukoya at the January 7 Thursday Showers said that believers need to be discerning in this time where the world is angry with God and venting it on His children. He said this, noting that knowing the mind of God and having a discerning spirit is necessary for Christians to be able to show the world that God’s word still stands and remains potent.

In his words, “If we need anything in this life, ladies and gentlemen, it is the gift of discerning of spirit. I’m praying it that God gives this to you and me daily. This Christianity we practise by pure emotions won’t last.”

The clergy further noted at the service that God can use anyone and anything to fulfil His words in the lives of His people just as He used four lepers to bring to pass His word of prophecy spoken by Prophet Elisha. “If God says to go forward, that means there is a forward to go. So what do you do? Take the first step even if you don’t know where you are going. Just take that first step and watch if God will not answer you. When God says to go forward, everything evil in your direction would see you and flee,” he said.

Pastor Taiwo also warned believers against being sceptics over God’s words and promises for them; noting that God will surely bring His words to pass no matter what.

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“When God rises up for His own, everything created will bow. This year, you are going to see God’s intervention like you have never seen it before,” he urged.