Pastor Taiwo Odukoya has again reminded believers of the importance of always praying, saying no power can stand the force of prayer.

The Senior Pastor of The Fountain of Life Church, TFOLC, gave the reminder at the June 9 Thursday Showers service held at the church’s headquarters in Ilupeju, Lagos State.

Pastor Taiwo read from Luke 18:1, James 5, Ephesians 1, and Jude 1:20 as he urged the congregation to pray ceaselessly even when all hope is lost.

“There is no limiting the power of your prayer. No power can stand the force of your prayer; rather than your problem wearing you out, your prayer will wear out your problem,” the preacher said.

According to him, prayer helps the believer overcome fear because the devil lacks the resources to root them out. The TFOLC Senior Pastor also read from Isaiah 45:1-3 and 1 Corinthians 14:2 as he explained that praying in the Spirit helps the believer connect with God on a deeper spiritual level. He told the worshippers that praying is an anti-dote for not losing heart.

“Step forward in prayer. It is your life, destiny, and future. The problem is that you want your understanding to be fruitful while praying, but if you let your spirit pray, it will change your understanding,” he added.

Furthermore, Pastor Taiwo told Showerians that in prayers, they must start with thanksgiving to honour God for who He is. He also noted that testifying to God’s goodness should be one of the pillars in a believer’s life.

According to the cleric, “If God is doing it, why are you hiding it? So that they do not hit you? If they have not been able to kill you till now, they cannot kill you.”

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He later called for testifiers from the congregation. The testimonies ranged from God’s deliverance from insomnia to how God’s intervention over a lost family member who went missing and incommunicado in the US for three years and was later found in the church by their mum, who had to travel from Nigeria to search for her.

One of the testifiers, Mrs Adeyemi, thanked God for her birthday, and Mr Emeka testified of how God jealously guided and protected him from a potential accident when his car bonnet opened while driving at high speed on the highway.

Another testifier, Deji, testified to healing for his nephew, who fell on his head and was not responding but is now healthy.

A lady also thanked God for a successful surgery for a friend’s son with a hole in his heart.

Another testifier thanked God for overcoming rejections in the final stages of job interviews and how, through God’s grace, he finally got a job, while a lady thanked God for healing and delivering her family from sickness.

Before his message, the June 9 Thursday Showers had started with an opening prayer from Pastor Femi Megbope, a praise and worship session by the Grace Levites.