The grand finale of the 20th edition of The Fountain of Life Church yearly flagship program, Word Explosion Conference, with the theme “Possessing Your Possession”, came to a glorious end on Sunday, April 18, 2020, with a message by the Senior Pastor Taiwo Odukoya who ministered a powerful message titled, ‘Where Do We Go from Here?’.

Taking his scripture from the book of Revelation 3:7-11 and 1 Corinthians 16:9, he called to mind the focus of the gathering being the reality of each believer’s divine inheritance in Christ Jesus. Pastor Taiwo said that, despite the struggles believers experience in this world, they need to walk in the consciousness that Christ has set an open door for all, and this door is a permanent possession. “You are keeping His word and not denying His name, and Jesus sees and knows you have a little strength that is why He is telling you that the open door is your possession,” he said.

#WEC2021-Pastor-Taiwo-Odukoya #WEC2021-Pastor-Taiwo-Odukoya

The Senior Pastor of The Fountain of Life Church reminded believers that possessing one’s possession is a lifetime thing. In his words, “If you are a child of God, possessing your possession is what you will do until you die or you are raptured.”

Pastor Taiwo further noted that the essential thing believers should aim to possess is the conversion of souls. Jesus gave the High Commission commanding us to win souls to the kingdom. “That is why Jesus first commandment to believers after His resurrection is to win souls. We shouldn’t sit down and wish for everything to be yours and show off with it,” he said.

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#WEC2021-Pastor-Taiwo-Odukoya #WEC2021-Pastor-Taiwo-Odukoya

Another primary reason that God has opened the door is so that the Holy Spirit will open the eyes of our understanding. The door is also open for us to spend time in the word of God. Pastor Taiwo also highlighted the indisputable truth that only Jesus has the key to the future and eternity. In his words, ‘Jesus knows you, your plans and the greatest of your desires’. He, therefore, admonished that believers must have the right attitude and mindset towards the Word of GOD.

While building the premises for his message, Pastor Taiwo surmised that a believer should not be discouraged in the face of problems and satanic oppositions. He reminded the congregation that the devil attempted to usurp GOD’s authority and was cast out of Heaven.

#WEC2021-Pastor-Taiwo-Odukoya #WEC2021-Pastor-Taiwo-Odukoya

He, therefore, espoused that a believer must be conscious that there would be trials, but the assurance is that ‘he has the backing of the Headquarters’. He stated that GOD is making giants for the Kingdom by His Spirit and admonished that each believer should make himself available.

Pastor Taiwo asserted that there is an inheritance for each child of GOD. The inheritance is the door that is a permanent possession and permanently accessible. He also noted that this possession is by grace and not anyone’s rights; it is a gift of GOD accessible by grace through faith in the finished work of Calvary.

In concluding his message, Pastor Taiwo prophesied over the congregation that ‘GOD is picking up someone for a permanent turnaround’. He emphasized that the gift of the Spirit is for the enjoyment of each believer as he used the life of Apostle Paul as a great example of what GOD can do through any chosen vessel.

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Reported by Iboro Tonye-Edet and Toyin Akiode