Pastor Lara Adesanya has insisted that believers should dip themselves so much in the Word of God that it becomes difficult for fake ministers to deceive them.

She made this statement during the March 31 Thursday Showers service at The Fountain of Life Church (TFOLC) Ilupeju, Lagos.

Taking her Bible references from Matthew 24 and Amos 9, Pastor Lara stated that “It would be sad that after hearing so much of God’s word, you are lost in the crowd because of fake pastors.”

Pastor Lara Adesanya maintained that Christians should be responsible for winning souls into God’s kingdom and stop hiding in the crowd, adding that they must be intentional about it, quoting Romans 6:1-6 to buttress her point.

“A believer must identify with Christ. As Christians, we must be intentional in all that we do,” she noted.

The cleric who further stated that every believer is a carrier of anointing suggested that they should extend those healing hands to those sinking in depression, with a further position that the congregation should ask God for grace and mercy.

Other scriptural quotations referenced by the clergywoman include Psalm 139:1-2, Isaiah 28:15-19, and Isaiah 62:8-9.

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