The week-long 2021 Word Explosion Conference (WEC) of The Fountain of Life Church (TFLOC) ended on Sunday as worshippers gathered in their hundreds, but in strict adherence to the COVID-19 guidelines, to mark the grand finale of the yearly event.

Prior to Sunday’s service, attendees only screened (except the Thursday morning session) the programme online via the church’s YouTube channel called Fountain TV.

This year’s edition had Possessing Your Possession, as the theme, the same as the church’s theme for 2021.

The programme which saw a potpourri of seasoned ministers on parade, started on Monday, April 12th, 2021 with the Senior Pastor of the Summit Bible Church, Abuja, Pastor (Dr) Andrew Osakwe, opening the event.

His message centred on Christians understanding their possessions in Christ as he told them to take advantage of such benefits.


Pastor Andy Osakwe

“Whatever belongs to the Father, belongs to Jesus and whatever belongs to Jesus belongs to you as a joint-heir with Christ,” he said. “You have been authorized and anointed to go on a repossession mission, to take back what the devil has illegally taken.”

To further build on the solid foundation laid on the first day of the Word Explosion Conference (WEC), Rev Dr Tunde Bolanta, taught the worshippers how to possess their possessions.

“In the promised land we are to possess, there are giants and enemies, but we are not alone,” the Apostolic Overseer of the Restoration Ministries Worldwide added.

The President of Ever-Increasing Word Ministries, Rev George Adegboye, on Wednesday, explained how Jesus used the method of scriptural interpretation as symbolic principles, charging Christians to shine forth their lights.

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“The world is a constituency of every child of God,” the clergyman fondly called the ‘Walking Bible,’ noted. “I’m challenging you today, be what you are.”

And as the annual event began to gain momentum, participants were treated to a sumptuous sermon from Bishop Harold Ray of the Redemptive Life Fellowship, Florida who took his theme scripture from the book of Ephesians 1:10-16. The US-based preacher, in his message on the 4th day, asserted that a divine inheritance is what God has set aside through His decree that should come to believers.

“God is bringing a merger of things in heaven and on earth to equip us to move in the area of our assignment like never before, creating a new alignment,” he declared.



On Friday, one of the founding fathers of the Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria (PFN), Bishop Mike Okonkwo, whose teaching was from 1 Samuel 17:8-9, 48-54 and John 19:30, reiterated that every believer has possession in Christ but admitted that only a few understand their rights.

“When you have an understanding of what God has made available, no battle will threaten you,” the well-respected 75 years old explained.

To cap off what could best be described as an amazing journey, the Senior Pastor of TFLOC, Taiwo Odukoya in his sermon on Sunday, told the congregants that God is making spiritual giants through them.

Pastor Taiwo who took his scriptural passage from I Cor. 16:19, and Rev. 3:8, also echoed the same message from other speakers during the event. He reminded attendees about their privileges and rights in Christ.

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“He was not talking to unbelievers,” the preacher explained. “He was talking to Christians; those who have been redeemed by the blood of Jesus. Those who know the power of the name of Jesus!”

The yearly event had, in the past years, seen preachers like Bishop David Oyedepo of the Living Faith Church among others, grace the occasion.

#WEC2021, also featured high praises and worship.

Written By Emmanuel Egobiambu