Soul-winning is one of the platforms for believers to continually experience open doors as God will always fulfill His promises to those who never cease to evangelise and preach the gospel.

This was the core of Pastor Taiwo Odukoya’s extended teachings on Open Doors during the May 2 Sunday service.

According to him, God will always fulfill His part of the covenant of keeping the door opened to believers who also keep believing and holding on to Him.

Speaking from Revelation 3:7-9, he decried the fact that many believers have forgotten their first love which the winning souls to God and have been mostly distracted from winning souls to God.

He said many Christians now sleep in their comfort zones and forget about the rest.

“If God has no business for you on earth, He would have taken you to heaven the day you became born again,” he explained.

The clergyman also cited 1 Timothy 1:15 and Luke 19:10 to show that the reason Jesus came to the world was to save lives. This, he stated, should be the priority of every believer instead of just their own needs.

“Your boast in life should be about the number of souls God has allowed you to touch and bring to the Kingdom,” Pastor Taiwo said.

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Also, he reminded the worshippers that when believers focus on God’s main purpose – work to bring souls to the kingdom –  He will keep blessing them in other areas of life.

“There is always a supernatural shortcut to blessings and that is Jesus,” the preacher told the congregation, admonishing Christians, from Daniel 12:3, not to neglect the main assignment God has given them.

“Let your light shine like it did in the life of Daniel,” the cleric charged them while reeling out other benefits of winning souls.

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