Pastor Rotimi Okpaise of The Fountain of Life Church, TFOLC, Ilupeju, Lagos, has called on believers to intensify prayers amid the negative cycle of events globally because God would not abandon His people when they call on Him.

The cleric made the call in his sermon during the first service on Sunday, May 8, 2022, at the church’s headquarters.

While the world is in a time of great chaos with its different effects on people, Pastor Rotimi maintained that Christians should only believe God’s word and continue to pray. He added that God is still good and doing well for those who believe in Him.

“God has asked me to bring this message of hope to you. If only you can believe and pray, for He will not leave nor forsake His own as His love towards you is unconditional, no matter what He does or does not do,” he said.

The preacher took his opening text from Daniel 10:10 and told the worshippers that God expects them to stand upright irrespective of the situation.

Pastor Rotimi Okpaise also cited Ephesians 6:10, asserting that believers should not lose focus though chaos is inevitable. He also referenced Psalms 1:2-3, as he told the congregation that their gaze should be on the word of God, which yields results in due time.

The clergyman reiterated the importance of prayer, saying it is inevitable in the life of a believer who wants exploits.

Furthermore, the cleric read James 4:2 and Jeremiah 33:3 while buttressing that there are scriptural pieces of evidence about the effectiveness of prayers.

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“If we truly believe in God, we have access to Him in prayers, and that is our gateway to success. Therefore, no circumstance should defeat the Christian,” he stated.

The preacher then urged the congregation, as he read further from Hebrews 4:16, to remain steadfast in prayers, knowing full well that they are guaranteed answers regardless of the situation.

In his words: “God has promised to listen always, so do not lose or give up. Instead, be persistent in the place of prayers; be cool, calm, and collected as God is hurrying your success to the forefront.

“And according to Philippians 4:6, thanksgiving in prayers shows you already believe.”