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I want to give God all the glory for making me alive to share this testimony. This is my first testimony since 2018. Before 2018, I gave a testimony during the Ruth and Boaz end of the year meeting of how God delivered my twin children and how I was trying to complete my three-bedroom flat, which I completed to the glory of God. After that testimony, as we got home, still in the mood of Christmas and celebrating the numerous gifts the church had given us, the devil struck.

I am a mother of 5 children and a single parent trying to survive, and I was 45 years old then when the accident happened. I loved running errands or delivering goods to my clients using my bike even though I have a car. So that Sunday afternoon, after we got home from church, I quickly went to Owode (a suburb on the Ikorodu expressway) and came back to cook.

While cooking, somehow, the fuel I was using splashed on me, and I was engulfed in fire. To make it worse, I was putting on a black dress, and I couldn’t remove the burning dress from my body so quickly. But immediately the burning started, I started shouting Jesus, asking the Holy Spirit to help me. I fell, rolling, on the floor, thinking the fire might go off, but I noticed the fire was still burning me.

Then, I knelt before my children, who were already shouting, “Mummy, mummy”, and removed the dress. It was then I discovered that I was feeling the heat on my body. At that point, I started screaming for help and somehow, I was taken to the hospital.

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The amazing part of it was that my children just started sending my pictures to the WhatsApp groups I belong and that was how the church got to know about it and sent an ambulance to the hospital. I was at Owode first, then was taken to LASUTH, Ikeja, where it was confirmed that I suffered second-degree burns.

God surrounded me with good people, and that really helped me. This is because, if not, I don’t know what would have happened. I never knew that Pastor Taiwo knew me at all. So I was baffled when the doctor came to the hospital and gave me the phone that Pastor wanted to speak to me. And Pastor told me, “have faith in God. Everything is going to be okay. Calm your heart down; everything will be taken care of.”

True to his words, the church took care of everything. I had nobody, no father, husband, siblings, and even mother were not around to be there for me, but the church of God, my family, was there. They took over every expense and were still giving me income for feeding my children for almost four months even after I was discharged until I told them that it’s okay and that I want to go back to work.

I thank God, I stood up and started biking again. The following year, the church gave me money to go for another surgery to remove the keloids on my skin resulting from the burns. Now, I look beautiful that you won’t even know I had a fire accident.

I give God all the glory because it could have been worse than what happened, but He was there for me and has been gracious to me since. Even when my bike got engulfed in a fire last year and was a skeleton, when I took the mechanic to check it later, the bike responded to kick and started working.

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The Yoruba people around there were shocked, and one man said to me; “Iya yii, nkan be lara yin o. Eyi jo, ko ku, eyin na, e ti jona ri, e o ku” (this woman, there is something about you. This bike got engulfed yet still alive and kicking same happened to you, yet you are alive and well).

God has something in store for me, and I give Him all the glory.