In 2011, I desperately needed a job. So, I decided to wait on God for a miracle job. I made efforts to be present at every service, hoping to get a job that same year. At that time, I was also considering relocating to Warri. But just before the end of 2011, my friend’s younger sister called me and asked if I still needed a job. I told her I did, and she promised to speak with someone on my behalf.

The woman she spoke to then asked me to come the following Monday to see her in her shop. When I saw the shop, I was excited because that was what I was actually believing God for. It was so big and had all the amenities in place. I didn’t know what would happen next, but the woman told me that I was the right person she had in mind to give the shop to, that when she saw me, she knew I would be able to do the job. And that was how she asked me to take over from her. I told her I wanted to travel and she asked me to resume the following year, January 2012 to come and take over.

I remember one of our pastors preaching during Thursday Showers about the ‘Eleventh Hour Miracle’. God indeed gave me my own Eleventh Hour Miracle and I return all the glory to him.