Christians cannot continue to operate with the ‘old man’ mindset once they give their lives to Christ.

Pastor Fred Ohiani stated this during the August 26 Thursday Showers service, just as he explained that the old nature of man dies when a man gives his life to Christ.

According to him, “Once you have accepted Christ, you have come to know that the life you live is not yours.”

Taking his Bible reference from Ephesians 2:10; 2 Corinthians 5:17 and Romans 12:1, Pastor Fred emphasised the need for Fountaineers to do away with the old nature of sin and carry the character of Christ in everything they do. He insisted that being born again means that they have yielded up their lives to Jesus to use for His glory.

“You will need to begin to build up yourself to be Christ-like. The Word of God makes a difference in the life of a believer. It brings conviction and not condemnation. The moment you become born again, your spirit comes alive because however dormant that spirit is, the Word of God created that spirit.

“The power of the Word makes the difference. It does not condemn but brings us to conviction. So, when you hear the Word, it comes in contact with your spirit and brings you to a place of conviction,” Pastor Fred taught.

Pastor Fred admonished the worshippers to live that new life they have received through Christ, noting that the Word of God would help them.

He further noted that “The Word of God does not only convict and make people realise their mistakes, it also provides a solution. That way is Jesus, and all you need to do is repent, renounce and let Jesus come into your life.”

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