Pastor Gbenga Onabanjo declared that the environment affects people positively or negatively. During the first service on Sunday, August 29, he made this assertion at The Fountain of Life Church.

Pastor Gbenga said while ministering that the environment we find ourselves in plays a huge role in determining our success in life. A toxic environment takes away from us while a good environment adds to us.

Defining ‘environment’ as the condition that affects human beings both physically and spiritually, Pastor Gbenga stated that God created an enabling environment for man to thrive as written in Genesis 1:1-28 and 2:8.

According to Pastor Gbenga, our environment constitutes the physical structure and components that surrounds people as well as the intangible forces of culture, ideas and opinions they are exposed to over some time. This condition affects how an individual thinks, processes information, reacts to stimuli, speaks, and communicates.

In his words, “God’s plan for His children is to prosper. So, everywhere and anywhere you find yourself, you should create an enabling environment for prosperity.”

He, therefore, admonished his listeners quoting from 1 Corinthians 15:33 and Deuteronomy 23:12-14 and charged them to provide an enabling physical, educational, spiritual, and healthy environment all around them.

“Your environment will shape you. So if you want your environment to take care of you, you must also take care of your environment,” the pastor urged.