Worshippers at the March 25 Thursday Showers were reminded that the power of God is always available for the miraculous wherever the name of Jesus is mentioned. This reminder was given by Pastor Taiwo Odukoya while speaking on the supernatural in the name of Jesus.

Citing the example of Peter’s mother-in-law, who came in contact with Jesus and her fever disappeared in Matthew 8:14, Pastor Taiwo said that. “Every time Jesus touches somebody, something changes. When he touched, there was a change, so whatever has constituted opposition to your life, regardless of the nature or the enormity, it is from the devil and Jesus has defeated the devil and any time Jesus comes, the devil flees,” he said.

The clergy noted that believers are the evidence of Jesus’ power because they believe in Him. He also said that there is life, deliverance, breakthrough, and so much more in Christ. In his words, “If we’re talking about Jesus, mostly out of the conviction of our heart, there must be a testimony of deliverance, lifting, breaking down and destruction of the power of the devil. There must be capturing what has never been captured before in your life.”

He, therefore, urged them never to joke with the name of Jesus or the efficacy of His power “We are not subject to the powers of this world, rather the weapons of our warfare are mighty to pulling down of strongholds. The devil can make attempts to kill you, but he will never succeed because in Christ was life, and the life was the light of men, and this light shines in the darkness,” he said.