“Faith is the nature of the Holy Spirit, and the moment any believer embraces fear, faith leaves.”

The Senior Pastor of The Fountain of Life Church, Pastor Taiwo Odukoya, made the above assertion adding that the devil’s aim is always to steal, kill and destroy, but whenever God shows up, the devil’s activities become nothing.

Speaking from Mark 4:35, 5:1-13, at the September 30 Thursday Showers service, Pastor Taiwo further stated that people often do not know what they are fighting against, just that they need help.

He further noted that believers need to be assured of their identity in Christ and be convinced that they have been sent to the world to be the source of hope to many.

According to him, “God does everything by His word, and anywhere He goes, there is a change.”

‘Nothing Will Be Able To Stop You’

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The Senior Pastor maintained that just as the storm came to hinder Jesus and His disciples in Mark 4:35-41 so that He would not be able to heal the madman of Gadarene in Chapter 5:1-13, the devil also throws hindrances to believers in the form of challenges.

“But as nothing could stop Jesus from healing the man, so also will nothing be able to stop you from reaching your goals,” Pastor Taiwo added.

He, therefore, urged Fountaineers never to allow fear in them, no matter what is happening around them, but to rise in faith and confront the situation just as Jesus stood and rebuked the hindrance on His way to fulfilling His purpose of healing a helpless man.

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In his words, “You have suffered so much from this trouble because you are about to take the next step. Everyone about to be promoted will struggle.”