The Senior Pastor of The Fountain of Life Church, Pastor Taiwo Odukoya, has informed believers that the Word of God is powerful, living and becomes a physical, tangible manifestation in the lives of believers once they believe it and speak it as often as possible.

Giving an exhortation on the importance of the Word of God in a believer’s life, Pastor Taiwo, whilst ministering at the October 7 Thursday Showers service, told those in attendance that, “God and His Word are one. The Word of God has integrity and can produce anything and everything a believer needs. However, to produce in the physical realm, you have to speak. The more you keep speaking it, the more it becomes your reality.”

Pastor Taiwo, who cited John 1:1, stated that everything came out of the Word, even as he noted that God is the Word.

The cleric said, “If you want to walk in the dark world without stumbling, then you have to have the Word in you because He is the Light of the world. If you want to shine despite the oppression of the darkness, have the Word in you.

Pastor Taiwo further read from Matthew 5:14 to affirm to the worshippers that they have been created to shine and the darkness cannot stop them, stating that believers only need to believe it and live it.

“No matter the level of darkness around you, trying to suppress you, you will shine through because you are the light of the world. So, if the Creator of light says you are the light, then you better believe that you are the light of the world,” he said.

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Pastor Taiwo also urged Showerians to have faith in the Word of God, coming to terms with it by believing it and speaking it.

He then led the worshippers into declaring God’s Word into their lives and circumstances.