Pastor Jimi Odukoya of The Fountain of Life Church has charged believers not to be bothered about the schemes of the devil, reminding them that he is fighting a lost battle.

He said this during his sermon in the first service of Sunday, March 13, 2022, noting that the believer has been given the authority over the devil, referencing Luke 10:18-19.

“So, ladies and gentlemen, I announce to you that the devil is fighting a lost battle because all authority has already been given to you,” he told the worshippers in the message captioned ‘A word in a dry place.’

According to the cleric, “The devil has no power than the power that you allow him to think he has. All he has is the power of suggestion. He cannot do anything; nothing can happen to you without the say-so of God.

“When a Christian speaks the word of God over situations, he places a demand on the authority given to him.

“When you speak the word, you place a demand on the authority that has been given to you.”

While explaining the concept, the clergyman read from Matthew 9:18-26, saying that the word of God is backed by His power.
Pastor Jimi said when the believer understands this; he can effectively use his privilege to navigate the issues of life.

He differentiated between power and authority, noting that the latter is the being able to compel action from others. According to him, authority is the influence to rule. This, he said, is how the believer’s life is structured.

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The cleric also hinted that the word of God helps the believer to activate the authority deposited in him, adding that a man who has power does not command influence unlike those whom authority has been given.

“Power is earned, but authority is given,” he said, referencing Matthew 28:18. The actor illustrated this with someone who wins an election but has not been sworn in.

“Until such a person is sworn-in, he cannot carry out the functions of the office even though he emerged victorious in the poll,” he added.

Earlier in the service, the Grace Levites, colourfully dressed in African attire, treated the congregation to a session of high praise and worship (mostly indigenous).

The Promise for the Week was taken from 1 John 4:4 as Pastor Mary Fayemi urged Christians not to be deterred by happenings around them. She explained that Christians have been shielded by God and thus protected from evil machinations.