Pastor Bimbo Abiona at the March 13 Sunday Service explained that Jesus told the disciples when he was about to depart, that he will send a comforter in the person of the Holy Spirit.

The arrival of the Holy Spirit who now dwells within Christians removed every limitation on their lives in respect to their assignment. This, she said, makes a timid Peter bold.

In her message titled “Mind your business,” she hinted that life remains a mystery and when life happens, the Christian’s standard should be that of Jesus.

Emphasizing that where Jesus is, Joy abides, she recounted how Jesus kept on with his father’s business after he was being hinted of the death of his cousin.

Though the expectation of the people was for Him to sit in grief, he acted contrary because he was on an assignment.

Referencing Pa Sydney Granville Elton, a missionary to Nigeria who was accounted of saying he should be buried after his demise and the work of God must continue the day following, and Pastor Taiwo Odukoya spoke of the continuity of God’s work after the demise of his wife.

According to her, this should remain the believer’s attitude towards life happenings because greater is he that is in Him than he that is in the world.

Pastor Bimbo Abiona recounted her experiences on evangelism during the COVID-19 lockdown.

She said despite their evangelism drive, no one contacted the virus.

“We can’t go after the master’s work, and he won’t take care of us,” she added.

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Narrating the story of Isaac in Genesis 26; 12-22, she noted that irrespective of Isaac’s contentions, he remained consistent and determined; in like manner, every Christian will be faced with anger, strife, contentions before arriving at a fruitful place.

She insisted, “Behind every closed door, there is always a room, we must never give up,” stressing that God will always back up His people.

The clergywoman posited that the mantra for every believer should be Micah 6:8 and when this is satisfied, they should keep at their work.

Pastor Bimbo Abiona expressed the view that the harvest is ripe, and the labourers are few, hence soul-winning must be a passion to be exhibited everywhere.

The preacher added that like never before, Christians need to activate the ministry of the angels.