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Pastor Gbenga Onabanjo

Pastor Gbenga Onabanjo, while preaching on the topic, ‘The journey of self-discovery, during the first service of Sunday, February 28, 2021, at The Fountain of Life Church Ilupeju, Lagos, maintained that the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, “has given us the opportunity to think of things we hadn’t thought of in previous times.”

He further stated that every man has an aspiration, just as it called on those in attendance to allow their aspirations in life to be in line with God’s plan for them.

Taking his Bible reference from Galatians 5:19-21, Jeremiah 1:5, Genesis 37:5, Luke 5:17-26, Acts16;16, and Daniel 11:32, Pastor Gbenga Onabanjo, who urged Fountaineers to know who they are, explained that God has assigned to every man somebody and that they only needed to discover same.

According to the clergy, “You should know the spirit of discernment, you should have the knowledge of the fear of God. They are the sum total of every one of your thoughts, whether positive or negative.”

In urging the worshippers to walk in the direction that would lead them to Heaven, Pastor Gbenga Onabanjo hinted to the Fountaineers that the only way people get to know their purpose on earth is through dreams.

He added: “Do not worry about your dreams, if they are God-ordained, they would surely come to pass. Focus your attention on God and your goals and nothing will be able to stop you. Be mindful of the kind of people you bring closer to you, and it is important we know the Master.”