According to Pastor Nomthi Odukoya at the September 12 Thursday Showers, most believers oftentimes feel despondent when going through challenges thinking they might get drowned. She noted that they usually forget that God will not allow them to go through whatever would drown them. “He won’t let you pass through trials that you aren’t able to handle. And if you are going through any trial, He will definitely bring you out of it,” she said.

Speaking from 1 Corinthians 10:13-14, she said that God has given His children a promise of not leaving them in any challenging situation and He is ever faithful to keep to His word. According to her, even when it seems like the situation is not changing or resolving, God will not leave His own inside trouble because of His promise. “He would always make a way of escape. Because He is God, you will not die in that situation,” she noted.

Pastor Nomthi, therefore, urged them not to be disobedient to His voice whenever He tells them what to do as that would always lead to their victory. In her words, “God has many ways of escape and He knows the best for you. He will give you wisdom for any overwhelming situation to handle them. But you need to listen to Him because that’s the way of escape. He will show Himself strong in that situation and give you strength to lift up that problem.”