Pastor Olakunle Soriyan says the impact one makes in life, not necessarily the gender, will shape the realities of the future.

He said this while ministering during the June 18 Sunday first service commemorating Father’s Day.

The preacher explained the peculiarities of the challenges men face compared to their female counterparts regarding being strong and weak.

While taking his text from Matthew 6:25 – 34, Jeremiah 1:1, Ecclesiastes 3: 11, and Romans 8: 28, the clergyman illuminated the truth of strength and relevance compared to value.

As an example, he mentioned that a stone is obviously stronger than a mobile phone, but no one would be willing to pay a considerable amount of money for a stone. “Weakness doesn’t mean lack of capacity or under-service but rather fragility being the nature of the opposite sex,” he said.

Pastor Soriyan advocated that the evolution of the ages (stone to industrial) has led to the current high valuation of intelligence over brute strength. He posited that stones are still available, but their importance has diminished over the years.

Therefore, the realities of the future will not distinguish between men and women based on strength but on productivity, creativity, impact, and contribution. He challenged the Congregation to go beyond academic qualification toward education.

He distinguished the difference between the former and the latter as obtaining a certification on a subject matter based on what others taught and the knowledge or experience gained or taught by oneself. He cautioned that if care is not taken, the more academically qualified an individual is, the more the potency to lose his identity.

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The preacher admonished Christians to strive for revelation, which is the experience tied to their spirituality being children of God. He encouraged them not to be discouraged by the realities of their present existence and to pay less attention to facts and logic. Instead, he suggested they focus more on the provisions of God’s Word.

“God is at work in everyone’s life irrespective of age, and His works transcend every permutation that a man may be confronted,” he maintained.