Hello Honourable,
Hope you are enjoying God’s unflinching mercy. Our Sunday service was great and here is the summary of Pastor Taiwo’s message for you to stay connected to God’s word for this season.

God uses people to accomplish any assignment or exploit on earth. He called Cyrus His anointed because of the assignment He chose him to fulfil (Isaiah 45: 1 – 4).

So also, the Lord named you because He needs you here on earth, that’s why He created you. He
created man and made him have dominion.

Every man is called for an assignment. You have an assignment here on earth to fulfil and you will achieve that purpose when you collaborate with God.

When you seek God, you find your purpose. Get into God’s presence and you will come out better and more informed.

When God chooses you, He anoints you and then holds you by the right hand (Isaiah 14: 10- 13, 1 Peter 2:9).

This doesn’t stop the devil from bringing oppositions your way but because God is holding your right hand, he will fall. As long as you are following God, the blood of Jesus will obliterate them.

You can only become great in your place of assignment. Don’t allow circumstances to distract you. Once you know who you are, your path becomes straight.

You are created for exploits. Exploits begin with knowledge. Know, that you are the choice and anointed of God (Ezra 1:2; 2chronicle 6:23; John 15:17).