The Senior Pastor of The Fountain of Life Church (TFOLC) has enjoined believers to see themselves free in Christ to offer worship to a God worthy of all adulation.

He said this at the Thursday Showers of May 19, 2022, held at the church’s headquarters in the Ilupeju area of Lagos State.

According to him, the Thursday Showers service is for believers to express their thanksgiving to God. He explained that as believers worship God, there is a desire to do more of such.

Pastor Taiwo said that confessing one’s love to God is remarkable as much as that love is confessed to others and serves as a form of encouragement.

“We should endeavour to confess our love to God at all times. Those who love God are never ashamed of confessing their love to God. So, confess your love to God, and watch what happens,” he said.

The Senior Pastor took his Bible reference from Mark 11:23-24, emphasising the importance of faith. Pastor Taiwo said faith is to speak to a hindrance, blockage, mountain, etc., without doubt, in the name of Jesus and get the mountain moving.

This is as he admonished believers never to allow doubt in their hearts. Instead, he advised that Christians should give the Word of God more attention, for by it, they become established in the Word, thereby increasing their level of faith to meet their desires.

The TFOLC helmsman also cited Mark 11:12 to explain why there was a curse on the fig tree. Jesus was hungry, and there was no fig on the tree. He was disappointed, so he cursed it to prevent such an occurrence from happening again, he explained.

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As believers, once the devil hits hard, he told the congregation that they should stand tall and block the devil’s area of operation to prevent a recurrence.

To buttress his points, he also spoke about the mountain in Mark 11:23-24, saying God was using the mountain (hindrance, blockage, problem, etc.) to reiterate that help is always available.

But not applying the Word of God to every mountain, the clergyman said, makes a believer miss the help already orchestrated for that mountain.

The preacher, therefore, implored believers never to allow the spirit of doubt when exercising their privilege in Christ, which is “faith”. He expounded on the word “faith” using Mark 5:25-29.

According to him, the woman with the issue of blood had faith, never allowed doubt, and she got her miracle. Christians, he cautioned, cannot get what they want from God if they allow doubt to fester.

Earlier in the service, some of the worshippers testified of God’s goodness in their lives. One of such acts of God was a father testifying how his daughter finished her master’s programme as the overall best student despite the odds stacked against her.

Before Pastor Taiwo’s message, Pastor Ibukun Awosika, who gave a word of exhortation, admonished the congregation never to live in doubt of what God can do. The business mogul also urged them not to forsake the fellowship of the brethren.