Pastor Taiwo at the May 9 Thursday showers service said that God is a restorer who is always ready to restore His children into a more glorious level no matter how damaged their lives might seem. “The God we serve is a restorer. So don’t ever lose hope. Don’t listen to the devil’s comment about you,” he said.

Speaking from Joel 2:21-23, Psalm 103:1-5 and Luke 15:1-9, he said that the restoration of God, which was made possible by the blood of Jesus Christ, always reveals increase and fruitfulness in the lives and endeavours of those restored. “When God restores, it doesn’t take you back to where you left off, He makes you better. At the base of finding and recovering what you’ve lost is the blood of Jesus,” he stated.

Pastor Taiwo, therefore, encouraged believers from 2 Kings 6:1-6 not to lose their trust in God because their axe head would swim up and float. “He’s a restorer and He would restore you,” he said.

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