Believers should prepare themselves for what God has ordained to do in their lives.

The above declaration emerged from Pastor Mary Fayemi, preaching at the Thursday Showers service on June 22, 2023, at the main auditorium of The Fountain of Life Church.

Referencing Luke 2:40-52, Pastor Mary Fayemi, who insisted that growth is a necessity for any believer that wants to achieve divine purpose in life, added, “Sometimes, we waste resources God has blessed us with because we are not properly developed before the blessings came into our lives”.

Pastor Mary Fayemi explained that Jesus increased in wisdom, stature, and favour with God and men, just as she maintained that believers need to develop or improve intellectually and stop giving excuses for mediocrity.

According to the cleric, “If we keep giving excuses, the world will move past us. No development process is easy. Jesus knew He had an assignment and chose to submit Himself for discipline and tutoring.

“Whatever we are going through, let us know that God is with us. We are all on journeys, and as children of God, God has promised us He will never leave us nor forsake us even until the end of time”.

Speaking further, the clergywoman queried thus: “Are you staying connected to God at this time? Are you still reading the Bible? Are you still singing songs or spiritual hymns? Are you still meditating on the word of God?

“Beloved, we need to grow. Those situations that God has created around us are to enable the best of God in us, the treasures within us”.

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In conclusion, the preacher suggested that everyone who grew in the scriptures did not grow on comfortable terrain.

She, therefore, urged them to never give up on themselves no matter their circumstances but to keep developing their capacity to fit into that future when it finally comes.

“Comfort does not produce; it is discomfort that produces. Everything we need has been provided by God. Let’s lift our eyes, focus on God, and come into His presence knowing that there is nothing He cannot do. Whatever we are going through is a birthing period”, she maintained.