The Senior Pastor of the Fountain of Life Church (TFOLC), Taiwo Odukoya, has urged believers to be mindful of their motives when approaching God’s presence.

He made this statement while ministering at the August 14 Sunday services of the church.

According to Pastor Taiwo, believers’ attitudes towards prayers and thoughts when they intend to go into God’s presence are fundamental.

He further noted that God prioritizes their attitude over anything they do and would prefer a joyful heart.

Pastor Taiwo referenced Peter and John, through whom God healed the lame man at the beautiful gate while they went for prayers in the temple recorded in Acts 3:1–10, as a perfect case study.

The clergyman said believers hasten the miraculous when their mindset aligns with God, just as Peter and John had not even started praying before the miracle started happening.

“This can be attributed to the mindset with which they approached God’s presence. They also knew the importance of going for prayers at the temple at that time,” he explained.

The Senior Pastor also emphasized that the fear of God, compassion, forgiveness, and longsuffering are great attributes worth more than money. He stated that if Peter and John had not gone for prayers that day, the lame man would have missed his blessing, and both Peter and John would have missed the opportunity to be used by God for the miracle.

He said, “The time has come for us to change our attitudes toward prayer and stop taking prayers with levity. Of course, God is always very eager to bless us, but He also likes to see some level of commitment in us.

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“Yes, there is nothing impossible with God, but He will never force the will of man. Therefore, man has to be willing to come into His presence in prayers.”

Speaking further, Pastor Taiwo stated, “The period of going for prayer comes with a mindset, and it is what you anticipate as you go for prayers that you get. As an individual, you must have a set time to meet with God in prayer.

“God likes routines backed up with faith when it comes to prayers. It is the routine of your life, which is based on the scripture, that will see you through life.”

Taking a further reading from Luke 18:1, he said believers must be prayerful, likening it to air needed for survival in the physical.

“Prayer is essentially fellowshipping with God, and the strength of any relationship comes through consistent fellowship,” he said.

Pastor Taiwo urged the worshippers, while reading from Acts 3:11, to never attribute God’s glory to themselves but always praise and worship Him because this is a special offering to God.