You can pray anywhere, whether your scarf is on or not. As long as you have your head still intact, you can pray. For example, Jonah prayed inside a fish.

These were the words of Pastor Bimbo Abiona during her ministration at the September 4 Sunday second service of The Fountain of Life Church, TFOLC, headquarters, Lagos.

“God will meet you anywhere you pray, whether in your bathroom, kitchen, toilet, or anywhere. So, open your mouth and pray,” she said.

According to the cleric, prayer is the staff a Christian needs to walk with God. “Without prayer, you will become a meal for the devil. She added that prayer is necessary; you don’t joke with prayer,” she added.

The preacher intermittently interjected her message with prayer points and noted that being prayerful should be a believer’s lifestyle. Then, citing Daniel and Jesus Christ, she said that believers must pray all the time.

“If Jesus prayed, why won’t you, His child, pray? You have to resemble your Father,” she noted.

The clergywoman stated, citing Luke 18:1 and Psalm 125, that prayer is more than just asking but also having faith in God, who loves His children. She added that prayer is a sacrifice, which would cost them time, sleep, and hard work.

“Devote yourself to prayer. If you are not a prayerful person and think you can navigate this life, you are not serious,” she said.

She continued, “There is nothing good in this life that won’t cost you something. You pay the price to get the prize.”

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Pastor Bimbo Abiona further noted from Revelation 1:3 that studying the word of God is one way of praying effectively.

“You must read and study the word of God. You must be a student of the word. You must carry the word everywhere you go,” she noted.

Pastor Bimbo Abiona urged the congregation to never stop praying because it has a long-lasting effect on their lives and future.

“It is prayer that turns the lemon life throws at you into a lemonade,” she posited.