During the opening prayers of the Thursday Showers of December 8, Pastor Dapo Williams shared from Luke 22:31-32 and quoted his friend as saying, “Until sin becomes bitter to you, grace cannot be sweet.”

Pastor Femi Megbope, while calling on the testifiers, advised, “Don’t keep your eyes on what you don’t see; be expectant.”

One of the testifiers, Sister Amaka, said she was led by the Spirit to drop all the cash in her purse at the last Thursday Showers while believing God to come through for her in settling her children’s school fees. God, she added, surprised her with the fees the very next day.

On his part, Brother Gbemiro thanked God for giving him life, even though he was thought to be dead for nine hours after a car accident.

Another testifier was Sister Eno, a member of the Grace Levites, who appreciated God for perfecting her mother’s healing and her niece’s admission into a school.

Other witnesses thanked God for all the good things He had done in their lives, like keeping them from getting hurt, helping a child regain the ability to speak, helping them get a job, or helping them start a new business.

In his message for the day, Pastor Taiwo Odukoya admonished believers to fight the good fight of faith.

While sharing from 1 Timothy 6:12, Galatians 3:11, and Hebrews 11:12, he said that every man and woman mentioned in the chapter did something great and that what they did because of their faith showed what kind of faith they had.

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He said, “The just shall keep on fighting because the just shall live by faith; when it comes to faith, it is a fight you fight; just because it is finished does not leave you without a responsibility, and the responsibility of a Christian life is that you live by faith.”

The Senior Pastor of the TFOLC went further to share how Paul advised Timothy to fight the good fight of faith and that “the path of faith is a path of fight; otherwise the destination will not be achieved.”

“The area of your greatest calling, the area of your greatest assignment, is where you will fight your fiercest battles,” he added.

The preacher said: “Let the word of God richly dwell in you; if you don’t have anything, have the word because that is what you are going to fight with.” As a result, he urged the congregation to start acting out their faith.

“When you begin to do it, you begin to see it; when you begin to see it, you say it; that is the battle,” he said.