Pastor Taiwo told the worshippers at the June 27 Thursday Showers service that the Holy Spirit is always ready to work in them if they are ready and willing to allow Him. He further said that the Holy Spirit is the right of every believer but His impacts would not be seen if believers do not allow Him to work in and through them. “You don’t have to abandon Him and be running helter-skelter,” he said.

Dwelling on John 7: 37-39 and Isaiah 44:3, he said that the Holy Spirit is the living water and Source for those who trust and accept Him. He noted that continuously coming to and drinking from Him, which is fellowship, is vital to quenching believers’ thirst and cravings. “You may have problems with men but you can trust the Holy Spirit to always help you,” he stated.

He then urged them never to shut the Holy Spirit up but to always allow Him work in their lives thereby making them a source of blessing to others. “As you drink, you would flow and also touch others,” he said.

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