Pastor Tinu Olasore of The Fountain of Life Church, TFOLC, Ilupeju, Lagos, has said that when He steps into a situation, no matter how dead such a situation is or how lost hope is on such issue, miracles always happen.

Speaking during her message at the February 23 Thursday Showers, Pastor Tinu Olasore cited Jeremiah 32:17 & 27; Matthew 19:26; Luke 1:37; Job 42:2; and Numbers 11:23 to explain that a miracle is God intervening in the affairs of man.

In her words: “The parting of the Red Sea couldn’t have happened without a miracle. Every time God intervenes in a situation, a miracle is born, and there is nothing our God cannot do.

“This shows that the miracles He performed that we read in the Bible can still be performed today.”

The clergywoman told her listeners that God expects believers to give Him thanks in every circumstance because that issue they see as bad is good before Him, and He knows how to make the situation turn out good for the believers to see it.

Pastor Olasore, who further stated that meditating on the scriptures will help believers to focus their mind on God’s mind and not want things to always go the way they want the outcome to be, added, “When we begin to meditate on some of these scriptures, we will realize that the reason we are somehow disappointed is because we always want things to go the way we want it, but when you trust God, you can dance at any situation even the ones that people expect your head to be down for.”

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The clergywoman posited that miracles happen daily, but some believers don’t experience them due to disbelief, disobedience, procrastination, weariness of heart, and murmuring.

“When you understand the love of God for you, you would exude that god fragrance that would draw people to your heavenly Father.

“If only you would believe, all things would work together for your good. Then, when you begin to depend on the Holy Ghost, every step you take will be ordered,” she said.

Pastor Olasore urged believers to keep their faith in God and trust Him in whatever situation they find themselves in.