The Senior Pastor of The Fountain of Life Church (TFOLC), Ilupeju, Lagos, Pastor Jimmy Odukoya, has said that it is important for believers to have the right mindset to be able to receive anything from God.

Taking his scripture from the book of Psalm chapter 24:1-2, at the February 15 Thursday Showers, Pastor Jimmy told both his on-site and online listeners that, “As long as you are on this earth and an heir to the One to whom the earth belongs, it is your inheritance by right; there’s nowhere in the world that you are not welcome.

“With this mindset, you should expect that things will yield for you because the earth is the Lord’s.”

He went on to say that even when faced with challenges or encountering difficult people or situations, children of God should not be worried because they know who their Father is and that He owns the earth – including the people who seem to trouble them.

“You can settle the matter by talking to your Father about them. If you have this mindset, life becomes simple,” he said.

Continuing on the second verse of Psalm 24, Pastor Jimmy explained that God established the earth on the seas (waters) which he described as having the ability to take on three different states of liquid, ice (solid) or gas (vapour), adding that if God could establish the earth on liquid, then there must be something about liquid we do not know.

In his words: “Anyone can tell you that the sea is not a foundation for any structure. So, how does God establish the earth on liquid?

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“There is a state that we do not know about that liquid can do. I call it the God-state.”

He said, “This is to say that as humans, we do not know the tiniest fraction of every information in the world, yet, we like to argue with God who knows what we do not know; the God who established the solid earth on liquid.

“There are many times we have made permanent declarations or decisions in our lives based on our limited information and temporary seasons of our lives rather than trusting God who sees and knows our end from the beginning.”

The cleric encouraged his listeners by saying, “If God, who built the foundation of the world on the waters, lives inside you, impossibility is nothing. The Spirit that makes all impossible possible dwells inside you.”