While admonishing the participants at the April 1 Thursday Showers on the efficacy of prayer, Pastor Taiwo Odukoya said that God answers prayers of the saints because He alone is the One that can answer prayers. According to him, when believers understand the God they serve, they will be filled with prayers of thanksgiving.

Speaking from Revelation 3:7, the clergy noted that God is able to shut every and any negative door that the devil has opened in their lives, noting that nobody dares shut down whatever door He has open. “When He opens, no man can shut, and when He shuts, no man can open. Any door that God has not opened in your life will be shut down, in the name of Jesus,” he said.

Allowing some members to share their testimonies of how God answered their prayers, Pastor Taiwo further noted that when God answers His children’s prayers, there is always the shout of victory and songs of joy.

He, therefore, declared to the congregation that God will open doors of blessings, mercy and joy for them in April. “Whatever the devil has prepared for you in this month will never succeed in Jesus’ name. This is because the One in you is greater than the one in the world,” he declared.