Pastor Ibukun Awosika of The Fountain of Life Church, Ilupeju, Lagos, has reminded Christians that their victory in the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ is not just for them; it’s for a purpose.

Speaking while sharing on the ‘Great Commission’ to the congregation at the April 9 Easter Sunday second service, the clergywoman, who read from Matthew 28:1-9, assured the congregation that fear would always come to hinder the believer from moving forward to fulfilling their purpose, but as long as they put their trust in God, His joy will strengthen them to carry out their divine mandate on earth.

While explaining that just as the female disciples were stricken with fear at the sight of the angel at Jesus’ empty tomb, and of which they didn’t let the fear stop them from going out to do as they were commanded, the woman of God said, fear is nothing if Christ is in the midst of you.

“However, even in your fear, if you trust God and move forward, if you are running with His instructions, then the fear will eventually fall apart.”

While reading verses 16-20 of the same chapter, the clergywoman noted that every believer has been given an assignment woven in the ultimate Great Commission – to make disciples of all nations.

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Pastor Ibukun Awosika explained that making disciples of all nations is not cast in stone by preaching on the pulpit alone, even as she added, “Everyone preaches in different ways. However, the Great Commission must show up in the place you occupy for Him.”

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She noted, “One does not have to be on a pulpit to share the message. Whatever profession one finds oneself in is the pulpit to preach the message. “In that profession or career God has assigned His child, he or she must use it to propagate the Gospel. Their lifestyle and business style must preach Jesus for all to see.

“Your diligence, dedication, character, attitude, and nature will speak for Jesus.”

Pastor Ibukun Awosika impressed her listeners that one of the purposes for which Christ died was for them to be in the position they currently occupy so that they can use it to draw others back to the Kingdom.

“How do you deliver the assignment for which Christ died and was resurrected? Let your integrity preach Christ,” she emphasised.

The cleric then reminded the congregation that God’s ultimate agenda in the death and resurrection of His Son was to deliver the message of salvation to the ends of the earth and win lost souls back to Him.

Other scriptural references read during the service are 1 John 5:4; Deuteronomy 20:4; John 16:33; 1 Peter 3:18; Romans 8:31-32.