Pastor Amaka Maduneme of the Fountain of Life Church (TFOLC), Ilupeju, Lagos, has maintained that the supernatural realm is where the wonders of God are wrought.

According to the minister of God, this realm is believers’ birthright.

She spoke during the second service of Sunday, June 25, 2023, wherein the preacher argued, “We are for signs and wonders, and it is a generational thing. After we are gone, our children and generations will continue to do wonders for the Lord”.

In reading from Isaiah 8:18, John 3:16 and Isaiah 9:6 to note that becoming wonders for God is a covenant for believers, Pastor Amaka Maduneme posited that God’s love for believers is another wonder.

According to her, when believers know and understand the love of God to them, they will overcome any challenge that comes their way.

“For God to send His son to die for you means you are special, and the only reason you can be bold as a Christian is when you know and remember the love of God.

“The wonders of God are revealed in His forgiveness to believers, strength to the weak, sympathy and saving grace to sinners”, she stated.

The preacher, therefore, urged Fountaineeers to believe, receive and meditate on the love of God for them as this is when they will be able to walk boldly in life irrespective of whatever is going on around them.