The evening session of the third day of the 2023 Word Explosion Conference began with a praise and worship session that heralded the presence of the Holy Spirit and raised the expectations of the congregation.

To the glory of God, the expectations of the congregants were not cut short as Pastor Chris Delvan Gwamna, who took the ministration of the Word taught with great insight and precision.

The minister introduced his message by stating that the promises of Jesus appear impossible because He preaches messages that don’t make sense to the natural mind.

Jesus makes statements like “I will be with you till the end of time”, yet, He goes on to be crucified. Jesus says the Word of God will never fail, yet Christians are being killed unjustly daily – things like this can confuse the natural mind, he said.

He then stated that only Jesus makes the kind of promises that are logically impossible, and this is because the sayings of Jesus can only be understood and expressed with the help of the Holy Ghost. Pastor Chris also asserted that the promises of God in His Word are impossible for believers to contain, imagine or intercept without the help of the Holy Spirit.

This is why Jesus told His disciples they couldn’t understand His sayings until the comforter (Holy Spirit) came. The man of God then challenged his listeners to study the teachings of Jesus on the Holy Spirit in the book of John 14-17 and then apply these teachings to their lives. Again, this is because the Holy Spirit can teach everything the believer needs to know about the present and the future.

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Pastor Delvan continued his message by noting that the Holy Spirit is the edge that the believer has because He is a guide, a leader and a teacher. He explained that Holy Spirit being supernatural, makes believers do the unthinkable, the impossible and the preposterous. He also opined that every promise made to the believer is inconceivable and incomprehensible without the help and guidance of the Holy Spirit, who was sent to bridge the gap between the natural and supernatural in the life of a believer.

In explaining the role of the Holy Spirit in the believer’s attitude towards the giving of their resources to God’s kingdom, the man of God reminded the congregation of the story of the woman who anointed Jesus with pure perfume from an alabaster box at Bethany, not knowing she was preparing His body for burial (Matthew 26:6-13).

The minister then emphasised the fact that one of the greatest assets of a believer is the ability to live by faith in the Spirit.

Pastor Chris Delvan rounded up his message by stating that the gift of the Holy Spirit is an answer to the prayer of Jesus for believers. He explained that this gift led to the Pentecostal movement, which has changed the trajectory of Christianity worldwide.

This movement, according to him, spurred an uprising for evangelism, brought a revival of prayers, changed the way God is worshipped in the churches and turned the preaching and music ministry into a noble profession.

He concluded by emphasising that none of the promises of God can be harnessed without the help of the Holy Spirit.